Your Health and
Safety is Our Priority

  • Screening

    Screening employees, patients and visitors for COVID 19 symptoms.

  • Masking

    Ensuring everyone in the hospital vicinity wears a double mask.

  • Distancing

    Practicing and enforcing social distancing.

  • Environmental Hygiene

    Cleaning and sanitizing the hospital regularly and placing hand sanitizers at various spots for the visitors.

Ensure your health
through attractive
health check up packages.


Committed to
serve you, 24x7

At Sahani, we are equipped to handle critically ill or injured patients having life threatening conditions, with 24x7 in-house availability of specialist doctors and nurses. Our ER unit is in close proximity to X-Ray, CT scan, Ultrasound scan, Laboratory and other diagnostics to ensure timely availability of diagnostic test results. We have a Minor OT and a Procedure room attached to our ER unit.

Call for emergency 24 x 7
9072 130 025